Design and Project Management

    WHP’s design and project management services integrate the design, construction, validation and maintenance of hygienic, sterile processing environments and manufacturing facilities.

    Our clients operate in highly competitive markets: commercial pressure, budgets and the need to start manufacturing product to earn income mean we have to achieve the best results in the shortest time. We pride ourselves on delivering successful and timely projects, saving costs where we can but never compromising on the quality of work we provide.

    Wherever possible we adopt an ‘inside out’ approach to design, starting with the manufacturing or process needs and integrating operational plant and equipment into our design. This accurately determines the size of rooms and building footprint that will be required. Our project management model is based on a stage gate framework, allowing for easy access at any stage of the process.

    Where building or room dimensions are already established, our use of 3D modelling and expertise in operational processes helps you achieve the best possible spatial solution.

    Whatever your project need, we can provide an innovative solution to save you time and make you money.