Cleanroom Validation

    WHP carrys out cleanroom validation in accordance with ISO 14644 Part 1  for the classification of air cleanliness. This  ensures reliable performance of the cleanroom safety and effectiveness.

    WHP’s highly trained commissioning engineers carry out validation to the appropriate external and internal standards of cleanliness and containment using the latest test and validation equipment.

    WHP validation services include the following tests:

    • Air volume flow rates
    • Air change rate
    • Particulate cleanliness counts
    • HEPA filter leak testing
    • Differential pressure measurements
    • Monitoring  equipment calibration
    • Temperature, humidity, light and noise level readings
    • Recovery performance testing

    WHP cleanroom validation ensures that a newly installed cleanrooms, laboratories, containment facility or controlled environment is operating at peak performance giving you confidence in its design, build quality and integrity.

    WHP cleanroom validation ensures facilities or environment operate at peak performance.