Science – Research and Development

    While there is a wide range of industries such as nanotechnology, photonics, optics/lasers, materials and device research, scientific instruments and industrial equipment as well as numerous research and development areas, they all have one thing in common – The need for clean, hygienic, sterile/aseptic processing environments and manufacturing facilities.

    WHP has over more than three decades of experience in the development of research, development and pilot plant design and construction for the life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, vaccines, veterinary, personal care and cosmetics, healthcare, medical devices, food and beverage, food processing and industrial sectors.

    WHP designs and constructs; with best practice for Current Good Laboratory Practice (cGLP) and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) where quality assurance is essential and where necessary validation may be required. WHP also works within UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory requirements and guidelines.

    WHP’s integrated design, construction, validation and maintenance of hygienic, sterile processing environments and manufacturing facilities provides high quality cleanrooms, laboratories, plant, process equipment and facilities that can be trusted and relied upon to deliver innovative solutions.

    WHP has over three decades of experience in science research and development.

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