Process Plant Manufacture

    WHP are highly skilled at Process Plant Manufacture. The team at our Technical Centre is expert in the manufacture and installation of hygienic, sterile processing plant for manufacturing facilities. Our experience covers the life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, vaccines, veterinary, personal care and cosmetics, healthcare, medical devices, food and beverage, food processing, dairy manufacture, soft drinks, industrial and manufacturing, renewable fuels, energy and industrial containment sectors.

    WHP Process Plant Manufacture includes:

    Process plant manufacture >
    Pharmaceutical process plant manufacture >
    Drug process plant manufacture >
    Biological process plant manufacture >
    Vaccine process plant manufacture >
    Veterinary product process plant manufacture >
    Personal care process plant manufacture >
    Cosmetics product process plant manufacture >
    Healthcare product process plant manufacture >
    Dairy product process plant manufacture >
    Soft drinks process plant manufacture >
    Process plant construction >
    Pharmaceutical process plant construction >
    Drug process plant construction >
    Biological process plant construction >
    Vaccine process plant construction >
    Veterinary product process plant construction >
    Personal care process plant construction >
    Cosmetics product process plant construction >
    Healthcare product process plant construction >
    Dairy product process plant construction >
    Soft drinks process plant construction >
    Process plant design >
    Pharmaceutical process plant design >
    Drug process plant design >
    Biological process plant design >
    Vaccine process plant design >
    Veterinary process plant design >
    Process equipment manufacturers >
    Process equipment design >
    Install and build process plant >

    For more information about Process Plant Manufacture contact:

    t: +44 (0)191 460 9295
    f: +44 (0)191 460 6138