Our Partners

    WHP works with a number of companies to grow and share its skills and expertise.

    We have joined forces with investment company NCL in an innovative support initiative for budding entrepreneurs at Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent.

    NCL’s Discovery Park Technology Investments LP fund identifies and selects young, high quality companies working in sustainable energy and biotechnology and gives them the support they require for accelerated growth and sustainability.

    WHP provides specialist engineering and design support to the Discovery Park incubator program, to help the fund’s fledgling investment companies scale up to reach successful commercialisation.
    NCL has a solid track record of start-up financing with a proven public and private commercialization model, focused on ‘early stage’ SMEs.


    We have developed a bespoke cleanroom system in association with Kingspan Insulated Panels and are its approved installer in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

    With over 50 years’ experience, Kingspan is a trusted provider of high-end versatile cleanroom solutions tailored to individual project requirements.