Modular Cleanroom Construction

    WHP Modular Cleanroom Construction is the culmination of carefully considered client needs and planned design and project management to best practice. Modular Cleanroom Construction – a specialist process – and one we excel at.

    WHP is a leader in the integrated design, construction, installation, commissioning and validation of Modular Cleanroom Construction, close-controlled environments and high containment laboratories.

    With a heritage rooted in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and personal care, we design and build commercially successful Modular Cleanroom Construction in some of the most demanding and stringently regulated sectors in industry. WHP have in-depth working knowledge of relevant standards including all aspects of ISO 14644; cGMP; ACDP and CL 3 & 4.

    Modular Cleanroom Construction

    WHP Modular Cleanroom Construction is also suitable for general laboratories R&D labs, QA/QC suites, university teaching laboratories, evaluation facilities and biotech installations working with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

    Whether your cleanroom needs are large or small, modular or mobile, the WHP team will be with you every step of the way.

    For more information about Modular Cleanroom Construction contact:

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