Modular Cleanrooms

    WHP design and build Modular Cleanrooms. from small to large, modular or mobile, WHP delivers innovative modular cleanrooms, cleanroom containment and laboratory solutions to international cleanliness and containment standards.

    Modular Cleanrooms

    WHP modular cleanroom construction includes:

    Design and build modular cleanroom >
    Design and build modular cleanroom environments >
    Design and construction modular cleanrooms >
    Design and build modular cleanroom facilities >
    Modular cleanrooms >
    Modular cleanroom design >
    Modular cleanroom environments >
    Modular cleanroom construction >
    Modular cleanroom solutions >
    Modular cleanroom technology >
    Modular cleanroom facilities >
    Modular cleanroom design and build >
    Modular cleanroom environment design and build >
    Modular cleanroom design and construction >
    Modular cleanroom facility design and build >

    WHP’s off-site modular cleanroom construction extends our specialised engineering capability with a step change approach to the design and build of cleanrooms, laboratories and controlled environments.

    Whether it is a small or large scale facility, modular construction offers significant benefits of speed of construction, flexibility of integration into existing onsite facilities, future expansion and customization options.

    WHP’s modular construction offers:

    • Process definition and design
    • General arrangement, layout, 3D modelling and visualisation
    • Detail design
    • Control and automation
    • Equipment and material procurement
    • Manufacture and assembly
    • Factory testing, commissioning and pre-qualification
    • Site installation
    • Site testing, commissioning and qualification
    • cGMP validation
    • Customer training
    • Onward maintenance

    At the commencement of a project WHP considers and evaluates whether a modular construction approach is beneficial to our client, deciding conceptually how to divide and prepare the required modules. This modular construction concept is then developed for the design and management of the cleanroom project.

    Modular Cleanrooms

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